Leg Work out

Leg Work out

So I’m over a year post ankle surgery and to be honest I’ve been avoiding training legs at risk of injury. I’m really starting to feel mobility improving tho. Here’s todays legs routine that had left me a little broken. Each exercise was worked to failure and I feel so much better for it

2km cycle warm up 

Mobility & stretch

20 boyweight squats 

10 bodyweight lunges per side 

10 hamstring floor reaches 

10 hamstring high kicks each side 

10 open the gate each side 

10 standing hip abduction each side 


3 x 15 Leg Press

3 x10 weighted lunges (per side)

3 x 12 dumbbell straight leg deadlifts 

3 x 15 leg curl 

3 x 15 weighted smith calf extensions 

3 x 15 leg extensions 

Post workout

Development stretches – quads, glutes, hamstring, calf, hip. 3 x 30-45 seconds on each muscle 

Recovery shake – 40g protein 50g carbs