KettleBell Swings – How to do it right

KettleBell Swings – How to do it right

Here’s a little video of one of my favourite gym tools! Kettlebells, and specifically a double-hand swing. 

A kettlebell swing shouldn’t use a squat motion

The KETTLBELL swing is a hinge movement that on the under part of the movement will engage glutes and hamstring and use you hips to create a hip thrust to the top of the movement 

Notice in my first few swings I’m using a squat motion. This is a really common mistake and creates a quad dominant movement that puts loads of pressure on the spine

Hinge from the hips and finish in an upright standing position

Notice in the last few swings some pointers:


Slight bend to the knees 
Straight back
No squatting motion 
Hinge from the hips 
Forward thrust 
Finish in an upright position

Any questions, give me a shout


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