Don’t have enough time to workout?

Don’t have enough time to workout?

Yesterday I didn’t have time to workout at the gym. I found myself on the tube at 11:15pm and craving some form of exercise.

Now I’m not saying to workout on public transport, but even finding 15 minutes a day to do some form of activity will help you get that little bit closer to your goals, increase your fitness and improve your mental health & wellbeing. You can do so much in your living room whilst watching TV, include you partner/family/kids and make exercise fun!

I did some basic press ups, tricep dips, squats and lunges up the stairs at the tube (rather than getting the lift) These are basic things you can do at home using no equipment. I Hope you enjoy the video

I’ll be uploading some basic workout into my store soon, make sure to check out my free guides in there at the moment and feel free to get in touch with nay questions

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