Before your first session you need to complete the follwing checklist 

1. Downloaded Trainerize once MJ has set up your acount 
2. Download Myfitness pal and record 2 days of nornal eaitng and drinking…no cheting 
3.Link and connet the above 2 apps together 
4. Your weekly catch up session will be on a Monday. Please book in as many weeks as possibe on booksy under “online PT”
5.Before taking part in any exercise, please complete the PARQ emailed to you with the app login. you can email it back to use or bring it to your session 
6. Check out this into to your plan and explanation of your workouts


Your custom fitness app from MJ Fitness – download here


This is your meal tracker – once downloaded you can link these 2 together via Trainerize. You ideally need to complete 2 days of normal eating and record all input. Use the self scanner it makes things a lot easier 


The booking app used ot make all apoinemnts, including your weekly online catvh ups. maue sur to book these in