Hey guys and welcome to my blog. So this week we are looking at my top 6 tips to building a nice strong chest that will make you the envy of the gym! 

1. Inclined Bench 

A lot of people get too focused on flat bench press when they first start training. It’s also really important to incline too. Training on a flat and declined bench is great for working the lower head of the pecs. This is because it reduces the amount of shoulder flexion (lifting our arms overhead). So to ensure we are hitting all of the pecs we need to also include inclined bench exercises. Increased shoulder flexion will shorten the clavicular portion of the pec and cause more stress on this part of the muscle as well as your anterior deltoid 

2. Isolation exercises

Compound movement (using assisting muscle groups) such as a bench press are your staple chest exercises along with isolating exercises such as flyes. Whether you use a dumbbell or cable, isolating the muscle is extremely important for pectoral development. Depending on your area of focus you can incorporate a declined (lower pec development) or inclined fly (upper pec development). Flyes will work the chest across the muscle fibres and help build and strengthen your muscle fibres. 

3. Technique

Technique is key, a partial chest press won’t work your chest through the full range of motion. Bring the bar down to your chest and almost to a full lock out of the elbow at the top. It’s important to keep the muscle engaged through the whole exercise to make it work harder yet still working the muscle thought he full range of motion. If you can’t then you need to reduce your weights 

4 .Power of the push up! 

Push ups are an important part of any chest workout. When on your bench press it is extremely important to ensure you keep your scapulae (shoulder blades) retracted throughout the exercise. This ensures we maximise control of the weight and pec development. When we look at a push up, your shoulders are forced to move through an active range of motion. If you think about how your body works, during a push up, your shoulder blades naturally come together as you lower your body to the floor. Therefor press ups are a staple in your chest workout routine 

5. Pulling exercises

Posture can play a huge part to chest development. People who struggle to develop chest can sometime find this is due to poor posture as a result of modern lifestyles and slouched and rounded shoulders. This will hide the pec development you do have and over training of the chest will get you no where! A great tip to open up your chest is to introduce 2/3 set of vertical/horizontal pulling exercises for every set of presses until your imbalance is fixed! This would be things such a pull ups/rows 

6. Eat Eat Eat!!

If said it before and I’ll say it again. You’ll never build a big strong and lean body without the proper nutrition. A high protein and healthy rounded diet is key for building muscle and keeping your body healthy! It’s important to feed your body regularly with smaller meals throughout the day or 3 staple meals with snacks between each! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly through my website and I’ll get right back to you.


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